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Today we would like to recognize Amber Love as our Working Woman Wednesday. It’s because of women like you, we are encouraged to believe in ourselves and our goals.Amber love is the owner of LacedByLove.com Lace By Love offer luxury hair extensions and mink lashes. Currently they are in the process of updating our website, labeling and packaging. Amber shares, “what inspired me to become a businesswoman and entrepreneur was of course for financial gain, but I wanted to offer quality yet affordable products. As women, we spend so much money to keep ourselves up, we should not be going into debt just to buy quality hair and getting our hair done. In the past, I’ve paid top dollar for hair that did not feel good or hold up to its expectations”.

When starting her business, Amber talks about the obstacles she had to overcoming. “Stop doubting yourself, stop putting it off until later, and stop talking about business plans and goals with people unless they are helping you or going into business with you because sometimes, people will help to discourage you or deter you even further because they do not understand your vision or do not feel capable themselves. If you want to do something, just do it and do it now, you’ll be pleasantly surprised and proud of yourself later”. Write down your goals and cross them off one by one.

Lace By Love is about real woman, looking good, feeling good and not breaking the bank to do it. They offer 30, 60 and 90 day lay away. They will be accepting payments with QuadPay and After pay in the near future so stay tuned for updates.
For more information and to shop their products, visit:

In addition to her hair company. Amber also offers tax preparation and Notary Services.

For more info, email her at: AmberJLoveAndassociates@yahoo.com

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