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Elite Women February 2020 Newsletter


2020 has been off to a great start! In January, we did not just enter a new year. We went into a new decade! We are looking forward to embracing plenty opportunities, new challenges and the chance to build up our communities by educating and empowering each other. Every next level of your life will demand a different you. The scariest moment is always just before you start. Little by little, one travels far. We are doing just that. Little by little, Elite She is, and Elite We Are!


I want to thank everyone of you who supports Elite Women Organization. We are moving in a forward direction to empowerment and help building communities one at a time. We just ended our 1st month in 2020 and I am elated to say January was a great month. With a great vision, EWO is building working relationships within our communities to understand how we can help throughout Michigan and also in the low poverty areas to help rebuild. We will be participating in a black history month featured event February 23rd, 2020 of the viewing of the Harriet Tubman Movie along with Qs&As from members of The African American Museum plus complimentary catered food at Hazel’s Place Lounge from 6pm-9pm. Morne details will be on our website www.elitewomenorg.com .We work hard in showing our true definition of sisterhood and United we grow! My excitement grows as we get closer to reaching collective and individual success in our communities. We at EWO appreciate each of you that see the vision of helping our communities and building together. Again, thank you for your support, your confidence, and your belief in our vision.


Elite Women Organization assisted Community Liaison Ray Solomon Sr. who represents President Brenda Jones City Council office with Voter Registration efforts on January 16th, 2020 at The Democratic 14th District office on Livernois. They were trained on how to assist the community where to register based on their legal address on their State ID or Driver’s License, how to complete an absentee ballot and educating our communities on the importance of voting and how their vote counts. Also, we helped residents learn which districts they reside in and who the district officials and block club organizers so residents can know how to help in their community or seek assistance. We urge residents to register to vote. In the state of Michigan, the Absentee Ballot Application Deadline is Residents must register to vote by February 7th 2020 to be able to vote for the primary. Check your voter registration status here: https://www.vote.org/am-i-registered-tovote/

“Let’s fight blight and rebuild the structure of our communities in the city of Detroit.” For more information, please contact:

Ray Solomon Community Liaison President Brenda Jones Office (313) 224-1095 SolomonRay@detroitmi.gov


Elite Women Organization attended the MLK Wine Down January 20, 2020, honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. remembering is legacy with one of his was how hard he fought for fair housing for minority groups. In 1968, shortly after the assassination of Dr. King. The Fair Housing Act was passed, which prohibited discrimination concerning the sale, rental and financial of housing based on race, religion, national origin or sex. The Fair housing act is the final legislative achievement of the civil rights era. Greater Detroit REALTIST® Association (GDRA) President, Miranda Morrow-Bartell discussed how important home ownership is it for residents of Detroit. Her goal for this year is to grow the organization ensuring the community is properly informed of home ownership opportunities, and most of all supporting the neighborhoods we live in. “Collaboration is the key for 2020. We must make sure we are creating wealth within our communities. Without us, there is no them. They must be educated.” We could not agree more. We will continue to support GDRA because we understand how home ownership plays a vital role in helping to build strong, stable communities. We encourage GDRA in their efforts as we are revitalizing the great city of Detroit.

GDRA is currently accepting new members. Please email them for more information at GDRAmember@gmail.com


On Thursday January 30th, Elite Women Organization was honored to attend a Women in Leadership event, where Sherry Gay-Dagnogo celebrated her 53rd birthday. Sherry is committed to Detroit. She works tirelessly in the community. Former Detroit City Council staff member made the announcement that she is forming a committee to explore a possible run for mayor of the city of Detroit in 2021 at her birthday party at the downtown Detroit Athenium hotel last Thursday. Gay-Dagnogo, representing the 8th District in northwest Detroit, has been in the Michigan State House of Representatives since 2014. Sherry states, “We have been second in command too often and I think it’s time for us to realize that black women are the essence and the strength of the democratic party. Women have been doing so much work and it’s time for us to put in the work and take the lead.” Sherry has been an advocate for quality education and issues affecting seniors, affordable housing and automobile insurance and criminal justice reform, co-sponsoring a bill last fall aimed at clearing the criminal records of more of Michigan’s ex-offenders. “We all want to be a part of this new equation of success so that we all can thrive.” Rep. Gay- Dagnogo is seated in her 3rd and final term as the representative for the 8th House District. She asked “are you ready for the next move in the City of Detroit?”


January 31, 2020 Elite Women Organization joined Coffee and Conversation with Detroit Council President Brenda Jones discussed changes happening in the City of Detroit, while addressing concerns of the residents of Detroit. One topic was the rapid development of bike lanes and the shrinking roads to accommodate such lanes. The concerns included; residents not understanding the proper usage of bike lanes, which has resulted in hefty traffic fines and injuries of cyclist. President Jones touched on the issues of over taxation of Detroit homeowners. Jones is in the process of finding out the total of over-assessed property taxes in Detroit.How many homes and residents were over assessed along with possible plans of providing relief options such as tax credits or extended payment plans with lower payments and no interest.

Lastly, Brenda Jones discussed why Detroit Council extends ban on recreational marijuana sales until spring. Jones wants to law to govern how they operate and ensure residents can participate, stressing the potential billion-dollar industry should have a “pathway for Detroiters to be gainfully employed.” Said City Councilman James Tate. 

Elite Women with City Council President Brenda Jones January 31st  2020

Elite Women with Stacie Clayton Director of Administration and Special Projects

Council President Jones Bjones_mb@detroitmi.gov Office 2 Woodward Avenue, Suite 1340 Detroit, MI 48226 Office: (313) 224-1245, Fax: (313) 224-4095


Elite Women Organization had the privilege to co-host Ray Solomon’s Birthday party along with Ray’s son, Ray Solomon II and wife Lakeisha Solomon on Friday January 31st 2020 at Hazel’s Place Lounge. Ray Solomon is a Community Liaison of President Brenda Jones Office that has had a positive impact on the city of Detroit for many years. He has assisted many individuals on multiple facets with their political careers. He is dedicated to his community and has been a major influence in the city of Detroit for many years, and continues to remain active in the community to this day. He is a pillar of the community that stands for justice and fairness among our youth and our community.

Contact Hazel’s Place to book your next event at: (313) 502-5109 or visit their website at:



On Thursday, February 6th, one of our very own Elite Women Samantha Vann will be one of the guest speakers, addressing the tragedy of losing Kobe Bryant and daughter Gianna. Samantha is an educator, artist and indie author with 4 books published books. Vann will speak on what affect Kobe Bryant, Gianna and basketball has had on girls who look up to their fathers. Kobe was not just an amazing basketball player. He was an American hero, a proud “girl dad” and he encouraged Gianna to follow her dreams. Pushing beyond the boundaries society has had on girls. His relationship with Gigi and is commitment to her , proves that it is perfectly fine for girls to aspire to be like theirs dads. 


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