Women Empowerment


For this Working Woman’s Wednesday, we’re recognizing Michelle Obama. It’s because of women like you, we see how big our dreams can be and make them into a reality. 

Michelle Obama is from the south side of Chicago; she overcame adversities, such as limited resources in her neighborhood and racism and sexism simultaneously. She attended Ivy League schools and studied law to become a United States attorney. As the 44th First Lady she became the first African American and most educated FLOTUS. She has written several books about her life experiences including the way politics has greatly shaped her life. During her time as the first lady she advocated for healthier school lunches and engaging in physical activities. 

Michelle has visited Detroit in the past to speak to students at Wayne State University as well as the Motown Museum to learn more about Detroit culture. Currently she is touring for the Democratic Party for voter registration to encourage people to vote for the upcoming presidential election. She constantly educates people about the importance of voting and the struggle it has been to earn that right, especially for women of color. She uses her voice to inform others about ways to help while allowing them a safe place to tell their stories.

Michelle is a hard working woman who has fought to become the strong woman she is today (the proof is in her attitude and biceps). Michelle has dealt with many hardships throughout her life, such as, the “angry black woman” stereotypes. 

She does not allow those who speak negatively of her to influence her, she reminds Black girls and women know that they are capable of achieving their dreams.

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