Women Empowerment


Today we recognize Sherry Gay-Dagnogo as our Working Woman Wednesday. It’s because of women like you, we are committed to doing the work required to empower and sustain our communities.

Sherry is committed to Detroit. She works tirelessly in the community. Former Detroit City Council staff member made the announcement that she is forming a committee to explore a possible run for mayor of the city of Detroit in 2021 at her birthday party at the downtown Detroit International Banquet Center last Thursday. Gay-Dagnogo, representing the 8th District in northwest Detroit, has been in the Michigan State House of Representatives since 2014. Sherry states, “We have been second in command too often and I think it’s time for us to realize that black women are the essence and the strength of the democratic party. Women have been doing so much work and it’s time for us to put in the work and take the lead.”

Rep. Gay- Dagnogo is seated in her 3rd and final term as the representative for the 8th House District. She is an educator, former Detroit City Council staff member and community organizer. Fund-raising efforts started at the announcement, which was a combination birthday party and political event. “Detroiters deserve more than to feel cheated by the very people they entrust with the responsibilities of fighting for them and bettering the community. I stand firm in my resolve to empower the people of Detroit to stand up and say enough is enough.”

Sherry has been an advocate for quality education and issues affecting seniors, affordable housing and automobile insurance and criminal justice reform, co-sponsoring a bill last fall aimed at clearing the criminal records of more of Michigan’s ex-offenders. “We all want to be a part of this new equation of success so that we all can thrive.”

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