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Our members at Elite Women Organization take pride in their personal services they provide to customers. We understand the economical state consumers are having and we will provide outstanding service at a fair and reasonable price. Elite Women Organization represent in being Elite. We stand behind our work..

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  • Event Planning

  • Public Relations

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Campaign Marketing

  • Business Plans

  • Marketing Plans

  • Tax Services

  • Financial Planning

  • Personal Credit Repair

  • Talent Booking Services

  • Tutoring Services ( 1st-12th Grade)

  • Real Estate & Commercial Cleaning

  • Property Management Services

  • Real Estate Agent (Rental, Buying or Selling)

  • Editing, Resume & Bio Services

  • Photography Services

  • Traveling Agency

  • 501c3 Preparation (Non-Profit Organization)

  • Network Marketing

  • Notary

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